OSU Mini Malter Project

Electronics Needed:
  • Temperature sensors
  • Weight sensor
  • Humidity sensor
  • Switch to turn on/off auger blade rotation
  • Switch to turn on/off auger mount rotation
  • Switch to turn on/off exhaust blower
  • Switch to turn on/off heat exchanger
  • Electronic valve to turn on/off sprinklers
  • Controller to operate the entire cycle

Controller Specifics:
  • Must be able turn on/off sprinklers during the steeping phase with adjustable 6-10 hour intervals
  • Must be able to react to temperature sensor and humidity sensor during germination to turn on/off sprinklers
  • Must be able to run blower at lower flow rate during germination
  • Must be able to step blower flow rate up during kilning (intervals must be controllable)
  • Must be able to run different auger rates during germination and kilning

Blower Requirements
  • Inlet air temperature: 260F
  • Max Pressure: 3-4" WC
  • Max CFM @ Max Pressure: 485 CFM
  • Min CFM: 30CFM
  • Ability to control with a VFD controller
  • Light chaff and dust from grain will flow through fan
  • Humidity from 0 to 100%
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